Special Event Performances

Spice up your family reunion, birthday party, corporate party, or any social event with our salsa dancers.

Mambo Dinamico offers dance performances for cultural and educational events. Portraying Latin traditions through dance, our goal is to entertain and educate our audiences.

With fun and energetic choreographies, Mambo Dinamico dancers can entertain your guests at any family or social gatherings.  And with a performance+dance class combo, you can keep your guests on their toes dancing all night long.

Workshops, Presentations and Performances for Educational Events

Educational performances, workshops and presentations are also available for schools, community colleges and universities.  The vast knowledge of latin music and dance that Mambo Dinamico possesses sets the group apart from other latin dance companies. With this knowledge, Mambo Dinamico can facilitate a one-hour presentation of latin culture, dance, music history.

Please contact us for more information.