Mambo Dinamico Level Chart

To help you distinguish which classes are right for you, we created an overview of 9 levels. Keep in mind that a dancer of one level can have strengths or weaknesses that are characteristic of another.

Beginner (Level 1-3)

  • Raw Beginner — If you are taking your first class.  You are just learning your four basic steps and basic turns.
  • Intermediate Beginner — You should know how to lead and follow ‘Cross Body Leads’, left and right turns, and extensions.
  • Advanced Beginner — You should be able to lead and follow ‘In and Outs’, ‘Cross Body Leads’ with turns, double turns, proper spinning prep, double spins and basic shines.

Intermediate (Level 4-5)

  • Beginning Intermediate — You should be able to get a double spin on your own.  You are leading and following basic patterns and variations in tune with the music.  You continue developing your shines and begin to include them in every dance.
  • Intermediate Intermediate — You begin to flow, connecting turn patterns together with fewer basics in between.  You start adding double turns to your basic moves.  You are now able to lead and follow more challenging partner and foot work and you begin to experiment with styling.
  • Advanced Intermediate — You have a complete understanding of your footwork when leading and following; double turns are no problem and you can change directions from spinning one way to the other with ease.  At this level your own style starts to develop.  You are beginning to experiment with your turn patterns and body movement.

Advanced (Private Instruction and Coaching)

  • Beginning Advanced — You can figure out how to lead or follow any move with ease, your turn pattern footwork is impeccable, you are starting to play more with the music, and you go from one move to the next without thinking about it.  You are able to lead unrehearsed moves.  You follow pretty much everything they throw at you, responding quickly to the lead.  You are able to complete 3 spins consistently.  Your styling is feeling more natural and in tune with the music.  It doesn’t feel awkward to play around with your partner.
  • Intermediate Advanced — You are so in tune with the music, you don’t think about anything else but the music.  There are no secrets left for you. Everything is clear as water.  You have found your personal style and often improvise on shines.  You are able to bring the best out of any lower level dancer. You complete 4 or more spins fairly consistently.
  • Advanced / Professional — You clear the floor every time you and your partner dance.  You are able to put on a show by yourself.  Your understanding of the music is impeccable and you can hit all the changes, accents, pauses, syncopations, slow and fast parts of a song without thinking about it.  You are not listening to the music anymore, but you are part of it.  Your body is another instrument that plays along with the song you are dancing to.  You make spinning look effortless and you consistently complete 5 or more spins with ease.