Nina Rivers

Nina Rivers, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, is a classically trained dancer with a passion for all forms of dance . Her journey in the world of dance began at the age of six, when she embarked on ballet training. Nina's drive led her to participate in numerous prestigious competitions, including the Youth American Grand Prix, where she showcased her skills in both contemporary and ballet genres.
During her sophomore year of college, Nina's dance repertoire expanded when she delved into the world of salsa. Once she started taking salsa lessons, she instantly fell in love with the music and decided to train seriously. In 2016, she started taking lessons from renowned professionals along the East Coast; this is how she met the founder of Mambo Dinamico, Betto Herrera.
Nina embarked on a journey as a freelance dancer, traveling to various locations to showcase her skills and teach ballet and jazz to young students in New York. Her dedication to dance also led her overseas to Italy, where she taught abroad for three years.
Motivated by a desire to be closer to her family and pursue new avenues in her career, Nina returned to the United States to venture into the nonprofit sector.
Betto welcomed her into the Mambo Dinamico family in the winter of 2022. Nina is enthusiastic about joining Mambo Dinamico, because it allows her to further explore and share her love for Latin dance, while also delving into the rich history and cultural significance of these dances. Mambo dinamico is a Latin dance company that not only teaches students how to dance, but how to bring diverse people together for the love of salsa!