Educational Presentations

As part of our mission in spreading Latin culture, our programs aim to educate audiences of all ages, from Elementary to University students, about the culture, music, and dance.

Our Director, Norberto 'Betto' Herrera, has been an influential member of the Latin dance community for over 20 years. He has conducted extensive research about the history and evolution of Latin music and dance.  Along with his experience in the classroom with Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers, Maestro Herrera is able to easily connect with the students, explaining complex subjects with appropriate language to connect the dots and enhance understanding.  Read more about our array of class offerings below! They can be mixed and matched together to create your custom package and classroom experience.

Circulo de Tambores

This is a hands-on class, in which students will learn stories and heritage about the different percussion instruments such as Claves, Congas, Bongos, Campana, Pandereta, Cajón, and Güíro.

They will learn to play the different syncopated polyrhythms, as well as play them together in harmony.  During this exercise, they learn about music, history, teamwork, community, and culture.

  • Appropriate for grades K-4, up to 20 students
  • Classroom can be used
  • In-person only
  • Length 30-45 min (adjustable)
  • See fun video here
Working with Mr Sorto's Kids

Bailes Latinos

This program takes the students on a journey through Latin America and the world. It covers a range of popular dances throughout Latin America such as Cumbia from Colombia; Bachata and Merengue from the Dominican Republic; Chachacha and Son from Cuba; and Bomba & Plena from Puerto Rico; among others. Covering the different influential cultures that helped shape these rhythms and their culture.

This is a great way for students to get first-hand experience in understanding the diverse number of musical traditions, and how they share similar heritage that differentiates and connects the unique cultures in Latin America.


    • Appropriate for grades K-6, 20+ students
    • Sound system required
    • Large classroom, stage, gym, or open area needed
    • In-person or remote options are available
    • Length 40-60 min (adjustable)

Evolution of Latin Dances

During this interactive class, students will learn about the roots of the movements that evolved into the popular dances, which are part of Latin American culture. From the different African cultures, mixed with Native American and European influences, these movements were part of religious, popular folkloric practices.

This dance journey is a great way for students to grow a sense of appreciation towards African culture and its contributions to today's art and society. These contributions can be observed every day in Latin America and the US.

  • Appropriate for grades 5-8, 20+ students
  • Sound system required
  • Large classroom, stage, gym or open area needed
  • In-person or remote options are available
  • Length 40-60 min (adjustable)

Salsa From Africa to the World

This presentation is about the complex history of the ever-so-popular dance and music known as "Salsa". This is a journey through time and space, touching historical events as America's colonization, Slave Trade, Great Migration, Cuban Embargo, Alcohol Prohibition, Immigration, Segregation, as well as concepts like cultural amalgamation, acculturation and assimilation.

This program’s presentation style encompasses a mix of lecture, storytelling, slides, videos, live percussion, live dance demonstrations and/or audience participation.  Students will take away the similarities shared by different cultures; beliefs and artistic expressions; and how they helped shape our current social norms and cultural practices.

  • Appropriate for grades 7-12+, up to 50 students
  • Video and sound system required
  • Stage with dance surface, auditorium, gym, or open area appropriately equipped
  • In-person or remote options are available
  • Length 60-90 min (adjustable)

If you are interested in having us in your school or organization, please click here to contact us directly.  We can adjust the material accordingly to your students' needs and create a unique experience for them by reinforcing the knowledge acquired in their curriculum. 

Pricing varies from $250-$1500 accordingly to staff and equipment needed for the presentation.