Jamila “Puentes” Bridges

Jamila was born and raised in High Point, NC grew up always interested in sports since young. Dancing to the beat of Hip Hop, she danced nights away during her teenager years. Jamila got interested in salsa during her college years where with friends they would exchange dance steps and hit the local salsa club in Greenville, NC.

Soon after moving to the Raleigh-Durham area in NC, she decided to learn Mambo On2 and immediately joined Mambo Dinamico’s classes during the spring of 2006. Her fast improvement led her to earn a spot in Mambo Dinamico’s student team, Mambo Sabroso. Because of Jamila’s dedication, hard work and positive attitude, she was also able to join Mambo Dinamico’s professional performance team within just a couple of months training with the company.

Accordingly to Jamila, she enjoys being part of the Mambo Dinamico team, which she believes is the greatest Latin dance company in North Carolina. Jamila has been training under the supervision of MD director’s Betto Herrera, who she considers a very passionate instructor, since she first started her venture into Mambo On2 Style. She admires Betto’s dedication, as he caters the needs of each student, ensuring that they walk out of his class being a better dancer than when first walked in.

Jamila feels happy to have an extended family within the Mambo Dinamico. She believes that this is a group of individuals that genuinely care about each other. She plans on being part of the team for years to come, not only learning, but sharing the knowledge that Betto has impressed upon her.