Why do you dance?

I feel a little dishearten when I know of people leaving the Salsa Dance Scene, because they think they have “learned everything about it.”

Most likely, it’s because you have acquired limited knowledge of this style. The problem is that most instructors lack of a deep understanding and knowledge of this dance.

Here are two pictures. The First shows what most instructors think of Salsa… The Second one shows the complexity of this dance, which has evolved for centuries in Cuba, with meaningful moves that connect the dancer with the music, culture and mystical traditions.

Do you want to learn to DANCE? OR Do you want to learn some steps?
Dancing is more that mimicking some steps or spin a dozen times on a dime. Dancing is feeling, and in this case… Salsa is how WE connect to our music, our culture and our ancestors.

(BTW When I say “WE”, I include everyone, because many cultures have contributed to the developing of this dance and music)

See you in class!