Salsa Class Level 5 - Thursday 8-9pm

Salsa Class Level 5 - Thursday 8-9pm

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You will learn:

  • Suzy Q
  • Uptown Downtown
  • Mambo Walk
  • Front Double Cross
  • Cross Body Lead (XBL) with Front Hook Turn
  • Counter Cross Body Lead (CXBL) with Back Hook Turn

Level 1-4 material is required.
For this class, you need to know your 4 basic steps, Right Turn, Left Turn, Back Rock, Front Rock, Half & Half, Front Hook Turn, Back Hook Turn,  XBL and CXBL with Left and Right Turns

Level 5 consists of four independent classes.
Each Level 5 Class is "stand alone" and may be joined at any point.

All four Level 5 classes must be taken at least once.
Level 5 material is a prerequisite for Level 6.

How to register?

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  3. Get your dance shoes and see you in class!

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