Jess Marrano (Arial Yoga)

JessMarranoBorn in Washington D.C. but a native to Athens, GA, Jess Marrano is a mix of Italian and Greek decent. She studied latin dance off and on throughout her high school and early college years until she discovered Wilmington Latin Dance. From there, she continued learning dance as a salsa dancer under Summer Garland McPherson, the director and one of the instructors of Wilmington Latin Dance.

However, upon returning to her hometown in Georgia, Jess discovered another form of dance, one without the use of a floor. Aerial dance is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform acrobatic dances in the air with a hanging apparatus, such as fabrics, trapezes, ropes, and metal hoops, cubes, etc. Jess primarily dances with aerial fabrics, known as silks. Towards the end of her college years she has performed, danced, and taught aerial silks in Wilmington, NC at Wilmington Latin Dance.JessMarrano1

One of her most astounding performances was for the 2015 Wilmington Port City Salsa Splash where Jess danced 40ft on the USS North Carolina Battleship. Jess has studied aerial dance under circus organizations such as, Canopy, Cape Fear Circus Arts, and Cirque du Vol. Now residing in Raleigh, NC, she continues learning latin dance from Norberto Herrera at Mambo Dinamico and instructs people in the art of aerial silks.