History of Salsa Web Sessions

Because of the current situation the world is going through with COVID19, we will be hosting a series of webinars about the History of Salsa dance and music.
This webinars will cover many different aspects and eras of the evolution of the dance and the music we know today as “Salsa”.
Some of these sessions will have guest speakers, who are specialized in their subject matter.

Did you miss any Webinar?
Don’t worry, you can still watch the recordings!

How does it work?

  • Below there is a list of six webinars.  Pick the one(s) you would like to purchase using the link(s).  Please ensure that your email address is correct.
  • The Price is $10 (+taxes) for the access to one Webinar and its material (slides, video, references, and some notes, etc.)
  • Your 7 days to view the material will start from the day of purchase, or when access was granted)
  • The Seven-Day-Access is cumulative, meaning that if you purchase access to 2 webinars, you will have 14 days access to both… etc.
  • After the date expires, you will no longer have access to the material.
  • Please understand that this material is intellectual property from the presenters, and it cannot be distributed without authorization.

1.  “History of Salsa” (Overview)

2.  “African Roots” w/ Marisol Blanco Ep1

3.  “African Roots” w/ Marisol Blanco Ep2

4.  “Danzón, The Mother Of Latin Dances” w/ Prof Ellis

5.  “Son, El Más Sublime” w/ Prof Garcia

6.  “La Clave, The Key” w/ Atiba Rorie