Do I need a partner?
No, about 80% of our students come by themselves.  We exchange partners very frequently during our lessons, so you will have a chance to dance with everyone.

When do I start?
You can start today, or whenever the next class is available.  Please check our calendar.  Our classes are held on a drop-in basis, so you don’t have to wait for a new session to start.

Do I need to pre-register?
No, our classes are open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis. A registration form will be handed to you on your first class, and you won’t have to fill one out again for the rest of your dance experience.

How much do the lessons cost?
Walk-in prices are $15 per lesson. We also offer discounted packages for our group lessons:  8 classes for $80, or a combo package of 1 private + 6 group lessons for $100. Please visit our shop for more information.

What kinds of payments are accepted?
We accept cash, checks, credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) or debit cards.

Where are the classes?
All our classes take place at Carmen’s Cuban Cafe:
108 Factory Shops Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560

When are the classes?
—Level 1 and 2 – Tuesday at 7pm.
—Level 3 – Mondays at 7:30pm.
—Level 4 – Saturdays at 1:00pm.
—Level 1 and 2 – Thursday at 7pm.
—Level 3 – Fridays at 7:30pm

Check our calendar for more detailed information.

How much experience do I need to take the lessons?
To start with our dance program, you need no experience at all.  Our beginner lessons are crafted to walk people through the basics and give them a good foundation for the next levels.

I have taken lessons before. Which class/level should I take?
Check our syllabus and our level chart so you can have a better idea where you belong.  If you are still not clear, ask Betto during one of our social dances and he will give you an informal evaluation and recommendation.

What should I wear?
If you are coming to our beginner classes please wear something casual and comfortable.  We have a party soon after the class.  For all our other classes you can wear casual, dance or fitness clothes as you prefer.

What type of shoes should I wear?
Just wear comfortable shoes at the beginning. There is no need to invest in dance shoes for levels 1 and 2. Once you get to levels 3 and 4 we recommend you purchase ballroom shoes. Dance Design in Chapel Hill offers a 20% discount for Mambo Dinamico Students.

What are private lessons?
Private instruction is a private hour-long class with the instructor. You may opt to take it with a dance partner, but it’s not necessary. The price of a private lesson varies from $50 to $100 depending on the instructor.  To schedule a private, please contact one of our staff directly.