Andrei “Drei” Robinson

Andrei Robinson, AKA "Drei", was born in Panama City, Panama 🇵🇦. He found his love for Latin dance through his family, learning his first few steps of "Kitchen Salsa”.
Drei is one of the UNC cheerleading coaches with over 20 years of cheering / coaching experience. He has worked with numerous gyms, studios and teams around the triangle, which compete at a local, regional and international level. 
Drei took his the first class in March 2014 with Mambo Dinamico, because he wanted to help a friend overcome the sadness of a breakup.  Drei remembered the joy Latin dance brought him as a child, and he knew this fun and social activity would help his friend. While taking classes, Drei soon grew a great interest in Salsa's deep history and culture behind each movement and continued his training not missing one class.
Dre is also a Military veteran, serving honorably in the U.S. Marines. During his service, Drei learned about the discipline of learning and concentration. These traits helped him when he joined the Mambo Dinamico dance team in 2016.  In which he grew from a dancer, to assistant instructor... to one of our leading instructors.  He contributes all his skills to the team, and is the Lift, Dips and Tricks coach and coordinator for the performance team choreographies.
Drei loves being part of Mambo Dinamico, because the company offers a friendly welcoming environment for students to scape their worries. He is proud that Mambo Dinamico's classes not only teaches people to dance, but also educates people about the history and culture behind the music and the movements.