Yashmin Wall – Dance Coach and Yoga Instructor

Yashmin Wall is a caring, life loving, adventurous person, with a very strong desire for learning and helping. As a student of life, she has been able to embrace the flow of it, leading her to have some very different experiences in both her personal and professional life.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she started her dance training at the age 8 in jazz with Leonor Constanzo. Based on her abilities it was recommended to begin ballet training where she started in Ballets de San Juan. Also, Yashmin attended a summer intensive with Eglevsky Ballet, in Long Island. Soon after, at the age of 15, started her professional dance career with the company Dance Machine in PR, giving her the opportunity to work with many Latin American stars such as Luis Enrique, Olga Tañon and major events and show nationally and internationally.

Following her desires for expansion in dance and fashion, Yashmin moved to Miami to go to arts school, where she had the opportunity to dance as a Miami Heat dancer and award shows like “Premios Lo Nuestro” and “Billboards”, as well as music videos like “Welcome to Miami” with Will Smith, Celia Cruz, Paulina Rubio, Carlos Vives, Tito Puente Jr., Luis Fonsi, among others.

After getting married, she dedicated herself to her of two beautiful childrenand a military wife. Fluent in both English and Spanish; over the years she worked as an Elementary school Spanish teacher, dance and Zumba instructor, later becoming a committed yoga student and eventually an instructor.


Upon arrival to North Carolina, she was invited to collaborate in a choreography with Triangle Dancers, which lead her to become part of the beautiful NC social dancing community.Embracing her culture, fun and passion dance, she has been training in Salsa with Betto from Mambo Dinamico Dance Company and Zouk with Triangle Zouk. Her desire to be part of the community has brought her to help dancers becoming the best they can be with her abilities and technique.

During the last five years, in the pursuit of better career opportunities, Yashmin joined a MLM business, which led her to Trinity Energy Progression.  With a very strong inclination toward her spirituality and her natural intuitive abilities, she decided to fully emerge herself into the practice and become a Trinity Energy Progression practitioner and facilitator, where she feels as her truth and calling. Through Trinity, she has found a previously forgotten inspiration and love. She is very passionate about expanding her spirituality and helping others do the same, so we all can live the life we dream of and wish to create… changing the world one person at a time!

Brian and Ellie – Bachata Instructors

            Brian Brizuela was born in Manassas, Virginia and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. His mother originally from Guatemala and his father from El Salvador, both immigrated to the USA shortly before Brian was born. Brian was raised surrounded by Hispanic culture and music, including Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia and Salsa. His love for dance and music was evident from a young age. During his teenage years, he discovered a love for various styles of Hip-Hop dance, which continue to influence his unique style and creativity. Through Hip-Hop, he also found his passion for choreography. Prior re-discovering Latin dancing, Brian was a member of a local Hip-Hop crew that performed at events in North Carolina and battled other dance groups in the area.  In late 2015, Brian met Ellie, his current dance partner, at a local Latin dance social, and became immediately interested in learning different styles of Latin dance. Since beginning his Latin dance education, he is well-versed in the technique of Dominican “traditional” bachata, Salsa and Mambo. However, he found his true passion for Bachata after discovering the unique style of Daniel and Desirée (Spain), as well as Korke Escalona and Judith Cordero (Spain) – the creators of Bachata Sensual.

Elizabeth “Ellie” Marie was born and raised in Sacramento, California to an Italian-American family. Ellie’s mother introduced her to Latin dance at a young age since she trained to be an instructor before Ellie was born. As a young girl, Ellie was taught Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata, surrounded by the rich Hispanic culture in California, where she quickly learned to speak Spanish. As a child she immersed herself in various styles of dance and art, including jazz and gymnastics, and musical theater. It was not until 2014, after her family moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and when her mother was re-inspired to learn Latin dance, that Ellie took her first Salsa class in Durham, North Carolina. Her passion for different styles of Latin dance grew quickly, and she began to train exclusively with Jose Paredes in “traditional” Dominican Bachata and Mambo, and in 2015, began to assist Jose in teaching classes and creating choreography. After meeting her partner, Brian, at a Salsa social, they were inspired to learn different styles together and take classes from various instructors in the area. Ellie’s knowledge of Dominican Bachata and Mambo strongly influence her technique and musicality. She discovered her love for Sensual Bachata with Brian when they began training with Kat Arias in Washington D.C. She has been inspired by the feminine sensual styles of Desirée Guidonet, Judith Cordero, and Andrea Cobos Gomez from Spain. She is preparing to graduate in the spring of 2019 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studies Exercise and Sport Science, Hispanic Studies, Portuguese and Italian.

Since beginning their partnership in late 2015, Brian and Ellie have trained with numerous reputable instructors in various Latin styles, including but not limited to Jose Paredes, Norberto “Betto” Herrera, Annie Velez, Jenny Geska, Kat Arias, Jose Serrano, Vladi Aragon and Carla Capo. Their passion for Sensual Bachata has been inspired by the technique of Korke and Judith (Spain) and the ambassadors of Bachata Sensual. In May of 2017, they began teaching their first weekly group class at Aura Studio, expanding on the fundamentals of bachata and introducing sensual style and technique to the Raleigh Latin dance community. In 2018, they travelled to Madrid, Spain where they immersed themselves in the culture and style in order to improve their social dancing technique. That same year, they competed as members of Ferocity Dance Company under Kat Arias at the Ultimate Latin Dance Championship and at the World Latin Dance Cup as an Amateur Bachata couple, placing in the Top 3 at both competitions. They are best known for their musicality, fluidity, and connection. By continuing to grow within their local community and to expand their style as dancers, performers, and instructors, they hope to connect individuals of various cultures and backgrounds across the world through dance.

Bachata Syllabus

Level I Bachata – Beginner (1st class)

Thursdays 7 – 8 pm

  • Steps or Footwork: Basic Step, Front & Back Basics, Right Turn, Left Turn
  • Partnerwork: Open Frame, Semi-close Frame, Connection, Lead and Follow of Right and Left Turns

Level II Bachata – Advanced Beginner (4 classes)

Thursdays 7 – 8 pm

  • Class #1:  Hand Holds and Turns
  • Class #2:  Tension and Directiom
  • Class #3:  Craddle and Hammerlocks
  • Class #4:  Changes in Levels and Intro to Body Isolation

Level III Bachata – Sensual Bachata (4 classes)

Thursdays 8-9 pm

  • Class #1:  Musicality
  • Class #2:  Body Isolations
  • Class #3:  Fluidity
  • Class #4:  Sensual Interpretation