Mambo Dinamico’s Syllabus

(Core Moves) = Turn Pattern Main Moves (L) = Leader (F) = Follower(CBL) =Cross Body Lead

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Level I – Beginner (1st class)

Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm

Steps or Footwork – Basic Step – Side Step – Back Step – Front Step.

Partner-Work – Frame – Extension – Back Rock – Front Rock.

Level II – Beginner Intermediate (4 classes)

Tuesdays 7 – 9 pm

Class #1. Left Turn, Half Left, CBL, Leading & Following of Left Turn and CBL w/ Left Turn.


Class #2. Right Turn, Half Left, CBL, Leading & Following of Right Turn and CBL w/ Right Turn.

Class #3. Left Turn, Half Right, Counter CBL, Leading and Following of Left Turn and Counter CBL w/ Left Turn.


Class #4. Right Turn, Half Right, Counter CBL, Leading & Following of Right Turn and CBL w/ Right Turn.

Level III – Advanced Beginner (6 classes)

Mondays 7:30-9:30pm

Class #1.
Back Hook, Right Side Turn
Shines- Suzy Q, Uptown-Downtown
Partnerwork- R Turn w/ Back Hook, CBL w/ Back HookClass#2.
Turns/spins- Front Hook, Left Side Turn
Shines- Mambo Walk, Grapevine
Partnerwork- R Turn w/ Front Hook, CBL w/ Front Hook

Class #3.
Turns/spins- Left and Right Side Turns
Shines- Two Corners, Front Double Cross
Partnerwork- In and Out, CXBL w/ Double L Turn

Class #4.
Back Hook, Double Back Hook Turn
Front Flare, Slave
 L Turn w/ Back Hook, Sweep
Class #5.
Front Hook, Double Front Hook
Hook Step, Cuban Side Charge
L Turn w/ Front Hook

Class #6.
Prep for Double Right Turn
Front Slide, Front Cross Over
Prep for Double Turn, In and Out

Level IV – Intermediate Class

Saturdays 1:00-2:30pm (The material covered during this level is to enhance and compliment all the material previously learned and can be taken as many times as desired)

Class #1 (Open for Level 3 Dancers)
Musicality- Learn how to understand to move with the music and different syncopations of Latin Music.
  Learn how to match breaks and melodies while connected with a partner.Class#2
Get the flavor of this style and how to have fun with this contagious rhythm.
We will work on your wrap-arounds combinations and how to execute it with style.

Class #3
Boogaloo- Catch the groovy swing of this psychedelic dance from the 70’s.
Partnerwork- We will work on your preps for double and triple turns.

Class #4
Latin Jazz-
Learn how to use the full length of your extremities to create artistic lines.
Partnerwork- We will work on how to utilize the space to create quick exchanges of placements with your partner.

Class #5 (Open for Level 3 Dancers)
Bachata Footwork-  
Proper bachata footwork, turns and different stylish variations.
Bachata Partnerwork- We will work on how to connect with your partner in close frame and feel each other’s movement.

Class #6
Afro-Cuban Movement-
Learn how to use the full range of motion of your body to interpret the music beats.
We will work on flow and how to tie moves together with ease.

Class #7 (Open for Level 3 Dancers)
Chacha Footwork-
In this class you will learn proper execution of figure 8 movement sand sharp feet.
Chacha Partnerwork-
We will work on proper connection on open leads to communicate with your partner

Class #8
Mambo Footwork-
Learn to execute fast footwork with sharpness and precision.
We will work on hand-tosses, illusions, hair-combs and hand tricks.

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