Salsa/Mambo – Level 3 – Advanced Beginner

June 19, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Carmen's Cuban Cafe
108 Factory Shops Rd
Morrisville, NC 27560
$15 walk in ($10 w/ student ID) or Use your Mambo Card

TeachingAdvanced Beginner — You should be able to lead and follow ‘In and Outs’, ‘Cross Body Leads’ with turns, double turns, proper spinning prep, double spins and basic shines

Steps or Footwork
1. Back Hook Turn
2. Front Hook Turn
3. Side Turns
4. Double Right Hook Turn
5. Double Left Hook Turn
6. Prep

1. Suzy Q
2. Up Town Down Town
3. Mambo Walk or Cord Beat Step
4. Front Slide
5. Front Flare
6. Slave
7. Two Corners
8. Front Double Cross
9. Hook Step
10. Cuban Side Charge
11. Grapevine
12. Front Cross Over

Partner-Work (Core Moves)
1. In and Out
2. Right Turn (F) w/ Front Hook Turn (L)
3. Right Turn (F) w/ Back Hook Turn (L)
4. Left Turn (F) w/ Front Hook Turn (L)
5. Left Turn (F) w/ Back Hook Turn (L)
6. CBL w/ Front Hook Turn (L)
7. CBL w/ Back Hook Turn (L)
8. Counter CBL w/ Double Left Turn (F)
9. Sweep
10. Prepping for Quick Turn

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