09th Dec 2016

About Mambo Dinamico Dance Company

Mambo Dinamico is a Latin dance company, which specializes in educating and spreading cultural awareness through Latin dance in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Under the direction of Norberto “Betto” Herrera, Mambo...

10th Aug 2014

Why learn with MD?

Learn to dance with our easy to follow instruction. No partner needed and no long-term commitment. Start learning today.  Our flexible program allows you to start at any time since...

14th Nov 2012

Choreography and Coaching

Mambo Dinamico offers services as choreographers and coaching from professional to amateur dancers.  No matter of the experience, we have something that will suit you. With experienced in quinceañera’s surprise...

13th Nov 2012
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Spice up your family reunion, birthday party, corporate party, or any social event with our dancers. MD offers dance performances for cultural and/or educational events.  Portraying  latin traditions through dance,...