Carly Cusick (Zumba)

14536736_10103795384131780_434755065_o Carly grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she began dancing tap, jazz, modern, and ballet at a young age.  Her mother was her biggest cheerleader, driving Carly to the studio every day for practice and never missing a recital.

Carly studied Dance Education at Bowling Green State University.  Upon graduation, she moved to Raleigh where she started teaching immediately at Expressions of Worship Dance Studio.  She enjoyed teaching jazz and tap to teenagers, and also started the first modern dance class at the studio.

She moved to Charlotte in 2012, where she began teaching Ballroom and Latin dance, and fell in love with the new style.  At Planet Ballroom she was exposed to new techniques and a new audience; she started teaching adults in private lessons and group classes.  Some of her favorite styles included Waltz, Swing, Tango, Cha cha, and of course… Mambo!

14550723_10103795384351340_696520596_oTampa Florida, her next destination, is where she was able to completely submerge herself into the dance world.  She continued teaching Ballroom and Latin dance at Bayou Dance Club, and even travelled to Miami to earn her Zumba instructor license.  Florida’s lively dance scene gave Carly the opportunity to step out of her role as instructor, and back into the role of student, as she discovered the diversity of social Latin dancing.

Carly made her way back to Raleigh early in 2016, where she found Mambo Dinamico and immediately felt at home.  She now teaches group and private lessons, and she started the company’s first Zumba program.  She also loves practicing and performing with the team all around the country.  Outside of Mambo Dinamico, she is an independent Ballroom instructor, with a focus on social dancing and wedding dances. For more information, you can check out her website: